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Dear Young Man

I know you may be confused as to what us women want. It's okay. We do a terrible job at expressing it. First we say, "Wow, spontaneous kissing is so romantic! I love The Notebook!" and then turn around and say, "You really need to ask for consent first before just kissing someone!". If I were a boy, I'd be confused! The truth is: everything is situational. Everything must be taken in context. When in doubt, communication is always the answer!

With that being said, I want to take my own medicine and communicate to you what I'm thinking. I'm going to tell you in a straightforward way, what I look for in a man. Hopefully this will shed some light for you. While many of these things just happen to be what I want, I hope that you can take them with a grain of salt and hopefully apply some of them to what any girl might want (That's your cue to take a hint if you needed one 😉).

  • I want a man whose humility is at the center of who he is. His thirst for learning must drive him. This ties into humility; usually a love for learning and humility go hand in hand.

  • I want a man who will encourage me to go to bed early and get up early. I want a man who won't make me feel ashamed when I do stay up late or sleep in.

  • I want a man who, if he doesn't know how to cook well or fix many things around the house, he's willing to give it a shot, just as I will.

  • I want a man who is confident in his morals, beliefs, and values, but who will always search for truth, even if it contradicts what he previously believed.

  • I want a man who is conscious of other people's needs. I want a man who will attend to those needs before he attends to his own, or even mine.

  • I want a man who values the wonder of a childlike spirit. Who isn't afraid to look goofy when he's being wholesome. A man who won't look down on me if he sees me doing the same and playing like a child.

  • I want a man who notices the little things, and is grateful for them.

  • I want a man who wants more than anything to pray with me. To kneel down before God and be still, together.

If you're a man who's wondering about what us women are thinking, you may want to give this list another look-through. Your future girlfriend will thank you. I'm sure there are many more bullet points of nice things to think about finding in a man, but if I'm being honest, I want to find someone who surprises me with qualities that I never would have thought to look for and put on a list. Translation: Be yourself! Be your best self! And everything else will come to you.




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